I had the most amazing time in Toronto filming for a brand new pilot.  For now, lets just say that it will be about four teen girls (and four teen boys) and their awesome powers.  And I get to show off my vocal chops.   There will be lots of singing!

So, lets keep our fingers crossed that all goes really well and the show gets picked up and I”ll be off to some other fun place to shoot more episodes!

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Another fun day filming “ACTION USA”

Here are some photos from yesterday’s filming of “ACTION USA”, a really fun project. It is an educational film for all German high schools to learn about New York City and  its history. John Miglietta is the amazing director of this fun project. Honestly, I learned a lot while working on this project.  Like, did you know that Ellis Island was called “The island of tears”? because lots of people were sent back if they were sick, deaf or physically or mentally impaired or had criminal background or couldn’t read a 40 word passage in their language, or didn’t have the $5 with them to at least get a start at life in the US. It was later used only as a detention and deportation center for undesirable immigrants. The island was used to imprison and evict suspected communists and political radicals during the Red Scare, and later served as a detention center for communists during the Cold War. It was closed for good in 1954. Continue reading Another fun day filming “ACTION USA”